By default, if a caller says something like "Speak to a live representative", the agent will tell them to leave a message. But this, as you may have guessed, is customizable. The agent can instead be programmed to forward to the call onto any other number. Just let us know what number to forward the call to, and we will add it in. The agent can also check things like the time of day or day of week, before deciding whether or not to transfer the call. It can even ask for the caller's first name before deciding to forward the call based on the letter of the alphabet their name starts with.
Emails, texts, or webhooks can also be sent to your back end, which can be helpful in alerting your team members to the needs of your callers. For example, if you're running a brokerage, and a caller says they're interested in buying a home, the agent can gather the buyer's info, and send a text message to the phone number of your star real estate agent so they can follow up right away.