Outbound Calls

As calls come in to your agent, you can go to your dashboard to click on a call from the call list. Once on the call detail page, you can see the start time, end time, duration, and transcript. From there, you click on the phone number of your agent to go to the number detail page, OR you can click on the phone number of the caller to open up the Outbound Call modal.
Once in the Outbound Call modal, on top you'll see the "To" number, which will be pre-populated with the number you clicked on to open the modal. Below that, you'll see the caller ID which they'll see when you start the call. Below that, you'll be presented with two options: connect the callee with your personal phone, or connect them with one of your AI agents.
If you choose to connect the callee with your personal phone, and you click Start Call, you will receive a call on your personal phone. When you answer, it will then ring the "To" number. Don't worry, the callee will see the caller ID that was indicated in the modal, not your personal number.
If you choose to connect the callee with one of your AI agents, your personal phone will not receive a call. Instead, the callee will receive a call right away. Once they answer, it will be connected with the agent, and the greeting will start from there, just like an inbound call.
By default, outbound calls are limited to one call per "To" number per 24 hour period, and you can only call a number if they called you first. To get around this restriction, you can add your own Twilio account in your account settings. Once added, outbound calls will originate from your Twilio account, and there will be no restrictions from Simple Phones on who you can call or how often.